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Slappin’ the Nitti

From one of our loyal readers: 

We have our own little lucky charm here at Methodikal. It’s called “The Nitti.”

It all started when we were at our old ad agency. Seth, my business partner, and I were sitting around reading the Boston Globe when he was stopped in is tracks by a photo in the obituary section. A man named Tony Nitti had died and the photo (above) was included with the obit. [Ed note: The photograph did not appear in the obituary section of the paper in hot pink. The version sent to us that appears above was colorized to match Methodikal’s corporate colors.] Seth was like, “Holy crap. These guys look like they could sell anything to anyone. They’re like the patron saints of selling shit.” [Ed note: Apologies for the use of the word “shit” in two recent posts. I don’t know what’s going on although I have been told I have the mouth of a truck driver.]

So we cut the photo out and hung a copy over the door to our office. Whenever we were going out to present ideas or work to a client, we’d always give the picture a little good luck love tap, much like Notre Dame football players slap the “Play like a champion today” sign on their way out of the locker room. The process became affectionately known as “Slapping the Nitti.”    —Mike H.

Although Mike and Seth have struck out on their own since discovering “The Nitti,” the “Slappin’ the Nitti” tradition lives on. And since their company seems to be doing well, I guess it’s working for them. You can see for yourself at


Lucky Sh*t

May 15, 2008