Lucky Q&A: The Elephant in the Room

Every so often, we receive questions from readers regarding different aspects of luck.  We welcome these questions and make every effort to answer all the queries that come our way.

Q: I read through your very enjoyable LUCK guide last Thursday and was inspired to purchase an elephant statuette for the home. Question: Where to place the elephant for optimal luck? Okay to put it on the porch facing away from the front door? If you could supply any guidance I’d appreciate it. –D. Simon

 A: There are several different schools of thought regarding lucky elephant placement:

 –It can be placed outside the entrance of a home (facing the doorway) to protect the home.

 –Some believe that the elephant should be placed inside the house, preferably in the front hall with the trunk facing inward to direct good luck into the home.

 –Others believe that the elephant should be placed in the front hall with its trunk toward the front door to “welcome in” good luck.

 Our advice is to try out all the options over several weeks and pay attention to which orientation works best for you.


(Photo by Echoforsberg)