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Did the Football Star Kill the Unlucky Cat?

Inter Milan footballer Luis Figo was accused last week of killing a black cat that lived at the football club’s training ground, believing that it would turn the team’s luck around following a string of losses.

Vittorio Feltri, editor of the Libero newspaper, sparked the controversy when he alleged in an article that Figo had deliberately run over the “beautiful black cat” with his sports utility vehicle. Figo vehemently denied the charges, stating on his club’s website that it was “completely untrue.” Feltri, however, stands by his story, stating that he will bring out witnesses if the controversy goes to court.

Whatever the truth may be, Italian football fans are up in arms over the controversy, and the popular Portuguese star was booed by the crowd as he arrived for training last week, with one fan even holding up a banner that read “Figo, you’ve killed a black cat, the whole world is disgusted with you.”

Since the Middle Ages, black cats have been associated with witchcraft and bad luck. It was believed that if a black cat crossed your path it was a sign that a witch was around, or an indication that the devil was taking notice of you. Either way, they were creatures to be avoided.

Which brings us back to the Inter Milan cat: Since its demise, the club has continued its run of poor results, and Figo was injured in the match that followed the supposed SUV vs black cat incident. It is rumored that the team has since paid a visit to the Pope, a cat lover, in an attempt to rid themselves of the black cat’s curse.

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(Cat depicted in the above image was not harmed in any way. Photo ©2007 by Dino Quinzani)

An Unlucky Royal Wedding?

Peter Phillips and Autumn Kelly’s wedding was supposed to be a fairy tale affair. Here was the dashing favorite grandson of Queen Elizabeth II (and for those who care, 11th in the line of succession to the British throne), marrying a beautiful working-class girl from Canada. But the wedding became dogged by bad luck last week when it was revealed that the bride-to-be had sold exclusive photo rights of the wedding to Hello! magazine for £500,000. The press began to call her “the new Princess Pushy,” photos of her twin brother smoking “a very suspicious looking cigarette” surfaced, and Prince William (who once hero-worshipped his elder cousin) inexplicably decided not to attend the nuptials in favor of the wedding of his ex-girlfriend’s brother in Africa. And when the big day finally came last Saturday, we were dismayed to notice a few more unlucky details:

–Green happens to be the unluckiest color and is not recommended for any special occasion, let alone a wedding. Yet here was the entire bridal party outfitted in what has now been dubbed “Kelly Green”– bridesmaids in green chiffon dresses, groomsmen in green brocade waistcoats, and even the groom sported a green tie. (And don’t get me started on how the English bespoke industry must have felt to see Peter walk down the aisle in such an ill-fitting cutaway.)

–The bride wore a pearl necklace and earring suite given to her as a wedding gift from the groom. Pearls should never be given as wedding gifts, since they mean that tears are to follow.

–Princess Beatrice (the daughter of Prince Andrew and Fergie) showed up wearing a rather ridiculous headpiece made of fake butterflies. If seeing three butterflies together on a leaf indicates that bad luck is on the way, we can only wonder what a hatful of them must mean.


Hoop Dreams

Anyone who hasn’t been in a coma for the last few months knows that today are the primaries in Indiana and North Carolina—the two biggest states left to vote in the primary season. It appears, from recent polling, that Obama has survived the Jeremiah Wright debacle and it is thought by many that he will carry North Carolina (although by a slimming margin). Although early voting in Indiana tilted toward Obama, polls suggest Clinton will take the state.

Many believe that if Obama could actually win Indiana, it would be the death knell for the Clinton campaign and this death march to the Democratic Convention would be over. And it appears Obama is doing all he can to make that happen, canvassing the state, holding rallies, and even holding meet-the-family picnics with wife, Michelle, and kids in tow.

So what’s Obama going to be doing today? We hope playing basketball. Apparently Obama’s one superstition is that he believes he has to play one game of basketball on a voting day in order to close the deal. Before Iowa? Hoops. Won. New Hampshire? No hoops. Lost. And he’s played every important Tuesday since.

On a related subject, during his walk-in-the-park to the nomination, we learned that John McCain is incredibly superstitious. According to The Washington Post, McCain must see a movie before the votes are counted in a primary, and while campaigning he wears particular shoes, carries a compass, a feather, a flattened penny, and sometimes, even a rock—all for good luck.

If I were running as a Republican after eight years of Bush, I’d be loading up the good luck charms, too.


Throw Baby from the Tower

We’re not sure if Dr. Benjamin Spock would have approved of this, but the tradition of throwing one’s baby from the top of a 50-foot tower at the Solapur temple in Maharashtra, India has been going on for 500 years. Worshippers at this Muslim shrine believe that the ritual brings good luck to the naked (and usually screaming) child, who is flung from the precipice of the tower onto a waiting bed-sheet held tightly by men while the families cheer. Villagers claim that no babies have ever been injured.

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“Unlucky” Red Sox Jersey Sells For $175,000

What was intended as a bad luck curse for the New York Yankees has turned into a stroke of good luck for charity. A jersey bearing the name and number of Boston Red Sox player David Ortiz was secretly buried during the construction of the new Yankee Stadium in an attempt to hex the Bronx Bombers. After an anonymous tip off and apparently some jackhammering, the Bosox shirt was found under two feet of concrete. In an unusual display of bipartisanship, the Yankees donated the shirt to the Jimmy Fund, the Red Sox’s official charity affiliated with Boston’s Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, and, last Thursday, the somewhat less worse-for-wear No 34 jersey was auctioned off for $175,000.

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Bragging on the Blog

Most people know that it’s bad luck to boast of good fortune. And many say that people (dating back to pagan times) knocked on wood as a way of acknowledging and securing favor with the gods who dwelled in trees, particularly if they had said something that drew attention to their good fortune. “He who talks too much of happiness summons grief” goes the old proverb. And there are a couple of theories as to why knocking on wood is supposed to help. One suggests that knocking on wood frightens bad spirits away or prevents them from hearing of your good fortune and taking it away. The other claims that the knocking acknowledges and calls to the good spirits who use their power to ensure you keep the good luck. So, just as example, if I were to hypothetically say something like, well, I don’t know, maybe “Luck: The Essential Guide is getting some very nice reviews, including one on the recently launched New Yorker blog called The Book Bench (click HERE),” I might knock on wood after I said it to make sure that the next person who writes a review doesn’t totally slam it. Just hypothetically, of course.