Hoop Dreams

Anyone who hasn’t been in a coma for the last few months knows that today are the primaries in Indiana and North Carolina—the two biggest states left to vote in the primary season. It appears, from recent polling, that Obama has survived the Jeremiah Wright debacle and it is thought by many that he will carry North Carolina (although by a slimming margin). Although early voting in Indiana tilted toward Obama, polls suggest Clinton will take the state.

Many believe that if Obama could actually win Indiana, it would be the death knell for the Clinton campaign and this death march to the Democratic Convention would be over. And it appears Obama is doing all he can to make that happen, canvassing the state, holding rallies, and even holding meet-the-family picnics with wife, Michelle, and kids in tow.

So what’s Obama going to be doing today? We hope playing basketball. Apparently Obama’s one superstition is that he believes he has to play one game of basketball on a voting day in order to close the deal. Before Iowa? Hoops. Won. New Hampshire? No hoops. Lost. And he’s played every important Tuesday since.

On a related subject, during his walk-in-the-park to the nomination, we learned that John McCain is incredibly superstitious. According to The Washington Post, McCain must see a movie before the votes are counted in a primary, and while campaigning he wears particular shoes, carries a compass, a feather, a flattened penny, and sometimes, even a rock—all for good luck.

If I were running as a Republican after eight years of Bush, I’d be loading up the good luck charms, too.