Month: February 2009

A-List Luck?

A-List Luck?

What do Saks Fifth Avenue president Ron Frasch, ABC News Reporter Gigi Stone, and artist Hunt Slonem have in common? According to New York magazine, they are among a surprising number of “high-powered New Yorkers” who have participated in circulating an e-mail chain letter titled “Chinese Proverb,” which promises good luck to all those who pass it on.  The chain letter has apparently been a hit especially amongst the fashion and media elite, where it seems like even within this jaded crowd, no one is taking their chances when it comes to luck.  CNN reporter Alina Cho (pictured above) admitted, “I forwarded it to twenty of my nearest and dearest. In this economy, we need all the luck we can get.”

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(Photo by Liz O. Baylen for The New York Times)