How Can I Dry My Hair Without Damaging It?

Most of the people remain in a hurry due to their offices and other important works. Usually, people wash their hair and dry them with a dryer. People should understand that a dryer can damage their hair and leads to a huge amount of split ends. If you want to keep your hair safe and want those to dry faster, then you need to use best hair dryer for damaged hair. There are so many various methods available which you can use to dry your hair faster and safely.

How Can I Dry My Hair Without Damaging It?

Hair plays a significant role in each and everyone’s life, so you should always take good care of them. Instead of a high loaded dryer, people should use natural ways to keep their hair dry. It’s necessary to take proper care of your hair as they play a major role in everyone’s life. A dryer can make your hair more dry and rough and cause so many split ends. You should always prefer to use natural things to make your hair dry.

The people who want to use a dryer and also want that their hair won’t get damaged, then they should consider this article for that. This article will help you out to know various ways which can work like a dryer and helps you to have safe hair.

Detangle your hair when they get dried

  • You should never ever detangle your hair when they are wet as it can damage your hair and leads to split ends. Always remember to use a thick comb to detangle as a small brush comb can make your hair rough and damaged. There are different ways to detangle your hair, and it’s very important to learn the right way for detangling.
  • You should always take care of the combing style never start combing your hair directly from the roots. When your hair gets completely tangle-free, then you can comb from roots to the end. People should have knowledge of more other products that act like a dryer and a helper to dry hair.

How Can I Dry My Hair Without Damaging It?

Use a towel to dry your hair

  • A towel works as a very good dryer for your hair, and also it does not damage your hair. Whenever you clarify your hair and want to dry your hair, then you should prefer to use a towel instead of a dryer. It helps you to have a safe and secure pattern to make your hair dry. A towel works as a dryer only but in a different way, and it is the best measure to keep your hair safe and split ends free.
  • If you do not have a towel and you are in a hurry, then you can prefer to have a clean t-shirt. Soft cotton t-shirt works as a best hair dryer. If you use a cloth to make your hair dry, then it can help you to keep your hair damage or split ends free.

Add your favorite hair product

  • After clarifying your hair, you can use your favorite hair product, which can help you to make your hair softer and frizzy-free.  A hair product can only be used in wet hair as it helps to remove all the friskiness of the hair. There are so many hair products are available in the market in various forms, such as creams, oils, etc. By adding a hair product, you can easily make your hair dry faster and without getting tangled.
  • People need to have dry hair because dry hair is easier to handle as compared to the wet one. Apart from this, there are many other ways to make your hair dry and soft. People should understand the importance of those products, which helps them to dry their hair like a dryer.

Put Your Hair in that way in which you want to keep them

  • By keeping your wet hair in that style which you want, then after drying, it can help you to handle your hair easily. If you want to have a style at the same time after washing, then you should use hair dryer for damaged hair. It can help you to have safe dried hair, which can make you look different and beautiful. Different people love to have different hairstyles and especially after clarifying their hair as it helps them to have a good style.
  • You need to use a comb along with the good quality dryer so that it cannot damage your hair and make your hair dried well. Keeping your hair in your favorite style can help them to dry faster and without getting damaged. Apart from this, many other ways can help you to get your hair dry faster.

Try to keep a towel around your shoulders

  • If you try to keep a towel around your shoulders, then it can help you to make your hair dry faster. It can be best to do in winters as in winters; it can save you from cold weather and helps you to get your hair dry faster. A towel helps to absorb all the water and helps you to have dry hair faster with proper safety.
  • If you want to make your hair dry, then you need to keep all the necessary knowledge about various items. There are so many ways through which you can make your hair dry apart from this method. It is very important for the people who love their hair that they should use the best quality hair dryer, which doesn’t harm their hair. A towel ensures that it won’t harm your hair and keeps them safe from getting damaged.

Wrap It Up

All the points mentioned above are very helpful in providing you a piece of proper knowledge about the various ways through which you can dry your hair. If you want to dry your hair with a dryer without causing any damage, then you can use best bair dryer for damaged hair.

How to Use Essential Oils Safely When Your Pregnant

We should both accept that parenting is a happy and fun experience that transforms life. Nonetheless, it also involves crucial choices and some not so fun side effects. Despite all this, it’s appropriate to admit that parenting can sometimes be exhausting and difficult.

Would it not be good if herbal treatments were available to help combat miscarriage, morning sickness and nausea? Great news, here are essential oils to support! It is important to note that any obstetrician has his own degree of comfort in addressing essential oil use with patients during pregnancy. Please make sure to speak to the doctor before, during or during labour, something different is done.

How to Use Essential Oils Safely When Your Pregnant

Essential Elements of Coal

Essential oils are a class of plant-derived evaporative aromatic oils. In their plant hosts they have the characteristic scent of the plant, attract beneficial insects, repel harmful parasites and help the plant replicate, regenerate and recover.

Ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians are among the first to harness the potential of essential oils. These ancient cultures developed the methods used for distilling and pressing essential oils from their natural habitats. We used essential oils for the purposes of beauty and spiritual contemplation and relaxation, because of their therapeutic and medicinal powers.

Today we achieve the same regenerative, calming, herbal benefits if essential oils are inhaled, diffused, swallowed or topically applied on the skin. Our range of essential oils has grown dramatically from our ancient predecessors, with continuing refinement of the distillation and pressing methods.

Oils and Pregnancy Important

So, you might think: pure, organic and relaxing therapies all sound very good, but are essential oils safe to use during pregnancy? The response is yes, with a few different items.

Next, it is important to carefully choose your Safe Essential Oil for Pregnancy. Pick a renowned manufacturer of essential oil that offers genuine, high-quality essential oils with a focus on science research and responsible sourcing. 100 percent plant without fillers or by-products is the safest natural oils.

Next, always exercise caution when using essential oil, especially during the whirlwind of growth during your first quarter. In addition, avoid the essential oils mentioned below in the Don’ts section.

Finally, pregnant women should prevent consumption and topical use during breastfeeding of undiluted essential oils. Instead, consider inhaling or applying essential oils to a diffuser. When you want to use essential oils on your skin, make sure that they are combined with an oil and check for exposure in a specific area of your skin prior to regular use.

Essential Oils: Are you healthy to use when you are pregnant

Pregnancy is a wonderful time in a woman’s life–if you ignore night, tiredness, unusual cravings that lead you to peculiar places, and pains and sorrows!

It can be a roller coaster of feelings and contradictory guidance, and it is important to find the right instruments that you will need to get through every aspect of it and feel good about it.

Essential oils are a controversial topic in the field of mothers and infants. We take a closer look at the point here.How to Use Essential Oils Safely When Your Pregnant

Where are Essential oils? Why are they important?

Natural substances derived from the bark, skin, foliage, berries, seeds or roots of plants, trees and shrubs are essential oils. These are potent drugs from Mother Nature, and only a drop of oil will yield strong effects and health benefits. Essential oil is also provided by the distillation process that extracts oil naturally by steaming from water-based components of the plant. Nevertheless, chemical methods and high heat extraction produce some of the lower-quality oils.

Essential oils are best known for their aromatherapy, such as sleeping and soothing lavender. These can also be used to cure other conditions of the skin and psychological problems, from acne to insect bites to indigestion to headaches. The value of a certain oil also depends on how it was processed and whether it was or was not refined to sell on the market at a lower price.

Have the best & healthy natural oils choose

Upon distillation or expression (which can control oil compounds), the modification of essential oils can minimize the medicinal value of the oil and can also introduce poisonous compounds to the body.

The doctor says he is searching for a simple oil drug that appears to be pure and real. These words indicate that the essential oil is unchanged and is only from the stated plant.How to Use Essential Oils Safely When Your Pregnant

Where to use Essential oils

Essential oils should be used topically, i.e. internally and inhaling on the skin. It has a very low molecular scale and a chemical weight of less than 1000 meters.

Essential oils in pregnancy are a controversial topic, especially within the first three months of life. This is highly doubtful that a nighttime bath with a few drops of essential oils would give newborn babies any complications. Owing to regular use of essential oils, including inhaling or topical use, there is no evidence of unhealthy fetuses or aborted fetuses.

Protection for essential oil

The Web is a stumbling block of contradictory advice to pregnant mums on the health and wellbeing of their bodies and babies during labour. Serial abortions and unexplained abortions are recorded, with connections to certain essential oils and their uses.

According to NHA, essential oils are healthy for breastfeeding and may be a very good option for mothers who have diarrhea, fatigue, tiredness, swelling, depression, anxiety and other common symptoms.

In the NAHA website, essential petroleum author Ron Guba says that toxicity during pregnancy is virtually exclusively a result of a pregnant woman taking large, unstable doses of essential oils with a particular focus on Penyroyal and Parsley oils because of their potential high-dose harmful compounds. Guba and other writers have noted “No miscarriages or birth defects have been reported as a result of the aromatherapy massage with medicinal applications of some essential oils.”


As reported, the consistency of an essential oil is critical because it can influence oil compounds and health. 100% raw, organic essential oils are claimed to pose no risk as opposed to refined oils and fragrances.

Components of chemicals

Chemical components differ among essential oils that give them a specific odor and therapeutic advantages. Some may be too powerful to use during pregnancy, especially given that pregnant skin must be treated as sensitive skin. Phenols are a material that is typically not known to be appropriate during pregnancy.

Can You Still Be Attractive With Acne?

In today’s world, when the ozone layer is depleting rapidly and harmful ultra-violet radiations are reaching to humans at a very high speed, our skin is getting more prone to acne and skin problems. Air pollution is another factor that causes acne and pimples to our skin. Acne also fastens the aging process.

Use of plant extracts

Many countries are blessed with divine and unique flowers and plants that bloom in that particular area. Japan and Korea (South) have a naturally healthy environment that provides a favorable place for those unique plants to bloom. Beauty brands in Korea use extracts of those flowers in the formation of beauty products.

Can You Still Be Attractive With Acne?

Strict skincare regimen

Females in Korea are taking excellently good care of their skins. They follow a strict skincare regime twice a day, which includes numerous steps such as cleansing, toning, emulsifying, using serums, sheet masking, moisturizing, etc. This is the reason why a 50 years old woman looks like half her age in Korea.

Why women are more suffered from skin diseases and acne?

  • Quality of skin: The skin quality of women is much more sensitive as compared to men. Women need to take extra care of their skin because acne loosens their skin’s elasticity more promptly but at a gradual rate.
  • Hormonal imbalance: Fluctuations of the hormones present in the females play a vital role in causing all over their body, but especially on their faces. The development of cysts in their ovaries might be another reason for the rising proportion of acne on their body.
  • Sebum: It is one more factor that can be a reason of acne on a lady’s face. Sebaceous oil glands produce excess oil at the time of hormonal changes of puberty.
  • Heredity: A lady might be having acne all her life because her mother or aunt had them in their lifetime. DNA plays a role here too. But you can give a shot in getting rid of it.
  • Stress: Hypertension is a major cause of hyperpigmentation, acne, and pimples. Stop getting anxious over little things and start the intake of a good diet and begin taking good care of your skin as early as possible. Use cleansers, toners, serums, and moisturizers daily.
  • Pollutants: Not covering your face while driving or going out in a hazy and ill environment might be another good reason why you are not getting rid of pimples.
  • Smoking and caffeine: This serious activity not only shrinks your skin but is a life-threatening habit too. In-taking twice or thrice a day of caffeinated drinks cause abrupt aging of skin. Although, it increases metabolism rate but cut it down to once per day.

How to stop getting vulnerable from acne?

Can You Still Be Attractive With Acne?

If you want to look younger at the age of 40s, then start taking steps to thoroughly cleanse your skin and look after it daily. Some of the steps you can follow are:

  1. Plan a skincare routine: Korean women deeply cleanse their skin before bedtime. They recommend using products like this- cleanser, toner, serum, sheet mask, and moisturizer. Select the creams and serums according to your skin type. Most women wrongly choose their products in the ignorance of their type of skin. Best Korean serum for acne-prone skin is Innisfree green tea serum.
  2. Follow a healthy diet: Develop a habit of eating only healthy food, rich in vitamins and dietary fibers. Say bye-bye to oily food. Eating salmon fish is proved brilliant for skin.
  3. Stay hygienic: Change your pillowcase twice a day. It is advised by Korean women to sleep on silk- made pillow cover. Keep your make-up brushes and towels squeaky clean.
  4. Say no to parabens: Do not use beauty products that have parabens or sulfates in them. They are the number one cause of skin cancer. Methylparaben and Propylparaben are the most harmful ones. These parabens are known to reduce re-productivity and cause skin redness if used too much.
  5.  Know your skin type: A study shows that 80% of women in the world do not know their skin type and they use wrong products on their skin their entire life. There is a vast number of skincare serums and other products are available in the beauty market that you can select your type.
  6. Be consistent: Do not be negligent in using the steps mentioned above. Never skip a single step and product if you need to see effective results in a minimum period. It is recommended by Korean beauty experts to use these products in a suggested way, for at least 3 months continuously to see better results.
  7. Use cruelty-free products: Korean brands do not promote cruelty. They are purely natural and environment-friendly.
  8. Use of serums: Serums have a lightweight formula as compared to moisturizers so they easily get into your skin and do wonders for it. But be careful with serums and use them only after cleansing and toning your face deeply. It is required to open your pores first, as serums do not work properly in clogged pores. A wide variety of serums are present in the market. Hyaluronic acid is the main ingredient in serums. Some serums also contain vitamins A and C in them. Snail slime serum has collagen in it, which is known for increasing skin elasticity. These are found in the form of sheet masks and dropper form as well.


All in all, it is strongly advisable to keep your skin clean and hygienic to be free from acne, pimples, and hyperpigmentation. The usage of cleaners, toners, serums, and moisturizers is highly recommended. Avoid eating oily products often. Take good care of your sleeping habits; do not sleep on your face snuggling in your pillow. Change your pillowcase within two or three days. Do not use beauty products that contain parabens and sulfates, especially sodium Lauryl Sulphate. These are known for causing acne and skin tumors. Eat salmon fish and red meat to maintain a healthy glow on your face. Use eye-mask while sleeping for a better nap.

Why Need to Use Toner?

Actually, toners were formulated as an additional cleansing step to remove dirt as well as impurities from makeup and environmental pollution. The cleansers have always come a long way, so it is the best and simplest way to make sure your tone is rusty clean. Based on your certain needs, you can select the one depends upon your skin.

Why Need to Use Toner?

What is toner?

For beginners, the major goal of toners is preparing your face to greatly absorb in your routine by just sloughing as well as hydrating off dead skin cells, which stand in a way. They can also even reduce the look of pores, irritated skin, calm sensitive and also include a main boost of moisture as well as gentility of rich ingredients such as essential oils and hyaluronic acid.

Usually, many of the western toners consist of drying ingredients such as alcohol that are only meant to get free from oil, dirt and makeup from your skin post cleanse. The Korean toners are multi-tasking skin saviours, which deserve their place in a sun along with moisturizers and serums as well. Utterly, if you have been bouncing toner in the past years, now you are in a main treat. You will also use these Korean toners by just applying tiny drops with a cotton pad or your palms.

It will be helpful for clear your face of excess oils and serums as well as support your skin to retain a healthy pH balance. Moreover, they are excellent in impartial beauty parts, which you might come to enthusiast as much as your favourite moisturizer. With this toner, you can keep your skin clear and clean as well; because it consists of fermented yeast component that supports to improve your skin tone, exfoliate and make your face pretty good.

Is toner necessary?

Of course, a toner is necessary for good skin. The common fallacies on toners lead several people to think that they are restored off without one, but a toner is a most important portion of your routine at home schema for having a healthy skin. However, the main purpose of using best Korean toners for oily skin is rebalancing the pH level of your skin. If you skip the cleanser, you want to wash your face with water and also disrupt the natural pH balance.

You can also toner to take the levels back to normal, so the skin operates a way it can. Along with balancing the natural pH levels, this toner can greatly supports to rebalance as well as replenish the safeguarding surface barrier of your skin. Beyond balancing the pH levels, the toners have several benefits based on the one you select that they include:

  • Keep the skin hydrated
  • Soothe the irritated skin
  • Avoid the premature aging
  • Safeguards your skin from exterior nuisances
  • Free from skin of extra oil and impurities
  • Supports your skin healthier absorb moisturizers and serums
  • Drench the skin with issue solving ingredients

However, the key to achieving the complete advantages of toners have to provide is to discover the best one for your skin type. In fact, a toner is essential to use that not only to rebalance the pH of skin, but also make sure to obtain the absorption of your sunscreens and moisturizers.

What time should use toner?

Today, most of us are likely to be familiar with the ideal skincare routine for all kinds of skin forms that include a toning, cleansing and moisturizing routine. Many of us utilize the Korean toners as well as moisturizer and cleanser on a regular basis, so it is quite common to use a toning routine.

This is because; there are lots of ambiguity around what perfectly a tone is supposed to perform for skin and what is the right procedure as well as right time to use the toner. If you want to know the fundamentals of using a toner, it is much essential to integrate this product into skincare routine and also what is the best way to perform so.

Normally, you can utilize a toner at any time of the day like morning, evening or night. One of the most essential things to keep in your mind is to always use a toner right, after you have cleansed your face. Also, it is equally essential to complete your skincare routine right after you have applied your toner. You just follow up a toner with a moisturizer, a face oil and also serum.

Advantages of using a toners for oily skin

There are so many advantages of using a toners for oily skin, so it is much essential that not to ruin it. If your skin toner is a hydrating mist such as rose water, you can simply use it three to four times per day. If it is a blemish control or anti-shine toner, using one or two times per day is a best one.

Ways to use a toner

More importantly, there are three ways to use a toner. Based on the formula as well as a purpose of toner, you can either utilize it on round cotton and then sweep it all over your cleansed skin or simply apply it to your face by using your finger tips or spray it onto your skin straightforwardly.

There are several excellent skin benefits of using a toner that include:

  • It tightens and reduces the pores
  • It heals and avoids spots and acne
  • Toner restores the pH balance of skin
  • It evens out the texture and skin tone
  • It leaves the skin feeling clean, soft and smooth
  • Toner lets moisturizer to penetrate the skin healthier
  • It gets free of all extra grime, oil, dirt and production on your skin


Hence, the benefits of specific Korean toners are vast, so it is necessary to find the best one for your skin concerns or type. Through online you can find plenty of products and choose the one based on the experts suggestions.

Colin Farrell Loses His Lucky Belt

Colin Farrell is reportedly offering a generous reward for the return of his lucky belt.

The Fright Night star was given the leather belt by his dad, former footballer Eamonn Farrell and is thought to have paid almost £3,000 having it repaired over the years.

Colin has lost the belt and according to The Sun is so keen to get it back he is considering making a wanted poster for it and offering a £16,000 reward for its safe return.

The 35-year-old actor has had extra holes punched in the belt and leather added to it as he has lost and gained weight over the years.

The In Bruges star is very proud of his dad, revealing in an interview in 2003, “I wish I’d have a f****** penny for every time I said to someone in a bar, ‘My dad is Eamonn Farrell and he used to play for Shamrock Rovers.’ ”

He added: “I have a big scrapbook of newspaper clippings and his jersey with three shamrocks on the back in mothballs.”

Colin is also very superstitious, admitting in 2004 that he wears the same boxer shorts – a present from his brother – whenever he starts work on a film.

He revealed they are “covered with shamrocks, and the waistband says, ‘The luck of the Irish’.”

–Reblogged from Press Assocation

The Luckiest Snickers Bar In The World

HOW A $0.95 SNICKERS BAR WON THESE 7 PEOPLE $319 MILLION by Douglas Montero and Bob Fredericks, NYPOST.

Chocolate never tasted this rich.

A state information-technology worker’s fateful craving for a 95-cent Snickers bar put him in the right place at the right time to score a Mega Millions ticket worth a sweet $319 million.

“I like the Snickers Dark and I say, ‘I gotta have one of those,’ ” a jubilant Mike Barth, 63, said yesterday, explaining how he scored the winning ducat at Coulson’s News Center last Friday for himself and six co-workers.

“I pull myself out of the line to get the candy bar, and this guy jumps in front of me,” he said. “I’m like, ‘I should say something,’ but I behaved myself.”

Letting the jerk slide was a good bet for Barth.

“I bought the next ticket — the winning ticket!” he said.

Barth’s winning Quick Pick ticket beat the Mega Millions lottery’s 1-in-176 million odds, making him and his colleagues, who slave away maintaining the computer systems for the state housing agency, rich enough to help bail out Albany.

The geek squad from the Homes and Community Renewal agency — an umbrella group of state housing bureaus — made their first public appearance yesterday as newly-minted multimillionaires at State Lottery headquarters in Schenectady.

As for five co-workers who normally participate in the office pool but decided to take a pass this time around, one winner said the losers had no one to blame but themselves.

“We asked everybody on the floor. Some of us got in, and some of us didn’t,” said Gabrielle Mahar, 29. “You’ve got to play to win!”

While no decisions have been made, several winners suggested they might take mercy on their out-of-luck pals and share some of the wealth.

“It’s going to be up to the individual,” said Leon Peck, 62.

The newly dubbed “Albany Seven” winners also include Tracy Sussman, 41; John Hilton, 57; John Kutey, 54; and Kristin Baldwin, 42.

The work pals typically kicked in $2 apiece whenever the Mega Millions jackpot topped $100 million — four times last year and twice so far this year.

They’ve chosen the lump-sum option, which will pay them $19.1 million each after taxes.

Mahar said she was at home watching the 11 o’clock news with her boyfriend last Friday night when the winning numbers flashed across the screen.

She thought the drawing was Thursday, so she’d already tossed her photocopy of the tickets into the recycling bin and had to dig it out.

“I checked it, I rechecked it, and I rechecked it, and I couldn’t believe it was real,” she said.

Mahar called her mother but didn’t want to wake Baldwin, her supervisor.

“You have to call her, Gabrielle, it’s the Mega Millions!” her mother told her.

They started spreading the news first thing Saturday.

Peck, known as the office prankster, thought his co-workers were turning the tables when he started getting one call after another.

“But I didn’t think anyone would be calling that early on a Saturday to play a joke,” he said.

The winners decided that Hilton — who lived closest to work — had to go get the ticket, which they’d stashed in a desk drawer.

Taking one of his grown sons along, he drove to the Hampton Building on State Street.

Back home, Hilton asked himself, “What am I going to do with it now? I’m frantic now.”

He took the ticket and placed it inside a Ziploc bag, then buried it in a 5-pound pail of birdseed, which he hid in his basement. “I didn’t know what else to do,” he said.

The group agreed to meet at Baldwin’s home Sunday and devise a plan. They dropped out of sight until yesterday to huddle with legal and financial wizards.

The winners said they’ve given little thought to how they’ll use their fortunes, except for a few immediate necessities and indulgences.

Mahar wants a dishwasher, Sussman needs to replace a stove that gave out a few weeks back, and Barth could use a set of tires — and pay his son’s college tuition.

Others are dreaming of travel.

Kutey, who flies a Disney flag at his home, said he and his wife plan to visit Disney parks all over the world.

“We haven’t been to Disney since last August,” he said. “I’m sure she’s going to want to go. We’re like two big kids.”

Mahar said she wants to travel extensively, and help people less fortunate than her.

Hilton said he’s not sure where he’s going — but knows he’ll be flying first class.

Peck, meanwhile, has his priorities straight — taking care of his mother first with a new car.

Barth credited the “fickle finger of fate.” Lottery officials agreed, saying there’s no guarantee Barth would have gotten the winning numbers had the other guy not cut in on line.

“Random luck is all about being in the right place at the right time,” said lottery spokeswoman Carolyn Hapeman.

And Barth had a final word for the line-cutter: “Ha, ha, ha, you never know.”

What Bill Gates has to say about Luck

Even the richest man on the planet acknowledges that luck plays a crucial role in his life. During a recent town hall interview at Columbia University Business School hosted by CNBC, Bill Gates was asked by a student to reflect on what role “pure luck” played in his success. Gates responded:

“I was lucky in many ways: I was lucky to be born with certain skills. I was lucky to have parents that created an environment where they shared what they were working on and let me to buy as many books as I wanted to, and I was lucky with timing. The invention of the microprocessor was something profound, and it turned out that only if you were young and you were looking at that could you appreciate what that meant. And I was obsessed with writing software, and it turned out that was the key missing thing that allowed the microprocessor to have this incredible impact. So in timing, in skill set, in some of the people I was lucky enough to meet…it’s unusual to have so much luck in one life, but it’s been a major factor in what I’ve been able to do.”


The Luckiest Tourists in New York?

The mid-air collision between a helicopter and a private plane over the Hudson River last week was a horrific tragedy, but if there’s a tiny silver lining in all of this, it’s that by sheer luck two other deaths were avoided. Paola Casali, a tourist from Rome, and her 13-year-old son were also supposed to be on the doomed helicopter tour, but arrived just minutes after the helicopter took off. They were not late, as they had been told to arrive between noon and 1pm, but somehow the flight had already departed. As they waited for the next helicopter, news broke of the accident.

Casali told the New York Times that “she felt that it was fate or some kind of divine intervention” that prevented them from being on the ill-fated flight. ”I feel so confused, but but I feel the we are so lucky,” she said.

To read the full story, click HERE. And if you have any stories involving a lucky experience that possibly saved your life, please submit them to The Luck Guide.


(Photo by Rahav Segev for The New York Times)

Is this the Luckiest Casino in the World?

In the Asian gambling mecca of Macau, the Wynn Resort’s lucky streak has been going on for so long that it’s left many gaming industry watchers baffled. According to an article in the Wall Street Journal’s Market Watch website, the Wynn Macau has been defying the odds in high-roller baccarat.  The resort’s baccarat winning percentage, otherwise known as the “hold rate,” has been abnormally high for nine straight quarters. So high, in fact, that Credit Suisse has labeled it a “supernormal win percentage.”

None of this, however, means that gamblers playing at the Wynn are getting any luckier. Rather, it’s the casino that’s making out like a bandit. Its 3.6% hold rate on VIP baccarat translates to an additional $80.25 million in gross revenues during the quarter. For all the details, click HERE. But be warned: even if you play baccarat better than Agent 007, you may need an MBA to fully understand the financial minutiae of this article.


Luck Milanese Style

Luck Milanese Style

Out Magazine recently traveled to Milan with up-and-coming male model Travis Hanson to chronicle his adventures during Milan fashion week. Although Travis has appeared in numerous international fashion magazines, he didn’t get booked for any shows in Milan this time around. However, this gave him an opportunity to explore the city and discover one of its luckiest spots — an ornate mosaic of a bull in the middle of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, one of Milan’s most picturesque tourist spots.

Luck Milanese Style

According to local custom, you’re supposed to put your heel on the bull’s testicles and spin around three times for good luck. This custom has become so popular with locals and tourists alike that over the decades, a hole has formed over the spot.

Luck Milanese Style

Part of the fun is watching the Milanese do it so elegantly–simply twirling their foot on the spot and continuing nonchalantly on their way as if nothing ever happened. Check out the video of Travis’ Milan exploits and lucky spin HERE. Hopefully he will remember to do it on his next trip before trying out for the shows.


(Photos top to bottom by Daniel D’Ottavio, Mike Bond, and Flamegirl.)